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I have recently reviewed something a little bit different for Bees Nutrition.  An incredible charity that supports animal welfare and offers loads of info about cruelty-free toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaning products as well .  This charity supports the notion that, as individuals, you can use your power of purchasing to only support companies that have committed to using cruelty-free practices with their ingredients.  The charity is called the Naturewatch Foundation and has created the Compassionate Shopping Guide.

I was sent a beautiful package of cosmetics to trial that were on their comprehensive list of cruelty-free products.  Obviously I was stoked to see so many epic cruelty-free products which gave me hope there was so much choice.  I then sat down to read through the literature and was blown away by the amount of companies that use ethical practices but also those that don’t.  Huge businesses still use animal cruelty to test products to get to the masses.  This is just not acceptable.  I have always used my consciousness when purchasing cosmetics but it has felt like a minefield.  What is absolutely epic about the Naturewatch Foundation and their Compassionate Shopping Guide is that all the info is in one place that is easy to find.  Simply click on this link to order your guide and feel like you know what companies are doing in order to get the products on the shelves.

Guilt-free shopping at it’s best!!!

Bees Nutrition and Yu-Trition is all about well-being and empowerment and this charity is absolutely in-line with this.  I feel completely honoured to be able to endorse the NatureWatch Foundation and, especially their easy to understand Compassionate Shopping Guide.  It is a really easy read booklet and when purchasing it you are giving money to a worthwhile charity.

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