I’ve Got The Power!! Or Not…(Ways To Combat The Days when Will Power is Waning)

The summer is a distant memory, the nights are long and days are short, the weather is cold and it feels like my will power left with the sunshine.  What is that all about?!!!! I have many reasons why I should be eating healthy, nourishing foods especially now that I know the power of nutrition.  So why, oh why is it so hard not to say no to that slice of chocolate cake sometimes?!!  Yes, that’s right, I too have times in which I consume cake (oh how I love cake!!), chocolate and chips and neglect the awesome veggies, fruits and all things lush that nourish my body so much.  I blame the weather of course!!! Or going to a café, or having a rough day, or having a good day, or waking up or breathing.  In fact, when I am trying to justify to myself that eating that slice of cake is ok, I will just about blame everything and everyone so I feel like I can eat it without feeling bad about it.  I might add here, that you don’t need to feel bad about eating cake or any other food for that matter, it is all about balance.  I always say the 80/20 rule should apply to healthy living.  80% of the time eat and live clean and then 20% of the time indulge in things that might not be quite as beneficial for you, for example my beloved cake.  But, recently I was pushing that balance the other way round and that is why I felt guilty.  Basically, I knew I shouldn’t and it would make me feel like rubbish, but wanted to justify it.

So, what do I recommend to boost your will power?  Well, several things really:-

  • Why? – Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve. Be clear on the reasons why you want to eat clean and live clean.  Because it feels bloody awesome when you do!!! You know it!!! Make it clear in your mind so that on days when you feel like will power has packed its bags and gone to a far distant land you can give a nudge to come back pronto.
  • Planning – Make sure you plan your food for the day. When I don’t plan I can have every will in the world but as soon as I’m hungry and near cake, I will 9 times out of 10 give in.  Planning gives your will power some tools to help it on its way.
  • Support – Make sure you have people around you that can tell you things that will encourage and remind you of the healthy journey
  • Fill your house with healthy options – Make it really easy for you to reach healthy foods rather than loads of unhealthy food. I know it can be difficult if you have children, but to be honest they can have some epic healthy treats as well.
  • Sleep – I know when I am tired my will power stays in bed when I leave it. Believe me I know what it feels like to be tired.  I have a toddler who much prefers to be awake rather than asleep and has done since birth!!! But, ideally, you want to go to sleep around the same time each night and wake at the same time.  Sleep is vital!!! That is why will power stays there if it doesn’t get enough.  It is wise!!!
  • You Are AWESOME!!! – You need to remind yourself of this in times of need. You absolutely, 100% have the will power and the resolve to live an awesome and healthy life.  You DESERVE to feel epic!!!

So, there you have it.  Bees top tips for making sure your will power doesn’t decide that it will revisit you when the weather is warmer and abandons you for the festive and winter season.  Be kind to yourself, remember the 80/20 rule and be your epic selves J

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