Today I Start, I Mean Tomorrow, Well Maybe Monday………

Easter has been and gone. Eggs were eaten (well a chocolate bunny in my case but you get the jist), hot cross buns were consumed, catching up with friends, family and loved ones. All the catch ups obviously involved cake and chinwags. Then Easter goes and normal(ish) life resumes from Tuesday at which point I had every intention of getting that good old nutritious grub in me.

I woke full of positivity and thoughts of health, then I stumbled across some left over mini eggs (how they were still there I have no idea) so I obviously hoovered them up without a second to spare for my mind to tell me otherwise. Then I thought ‘well I may as well carry on’. Can anyone relate? I do have to say in my defence, I was not as bad as I have been in previous lifetimes but pretty rough considering the nourishing stuff I normally consume these days. So, I thought, I will start tomorrow!!!

Wednesday came and again I thought healthy thoughts and had every intention of living my normal existence of good eats. Well, as you can probably gather by now, it didn’t go to plan. So another day passed and I thought to myself ‘maybe I should just leave it until Monday’…………

Then as I was getting ready for bed that night feeling defeated I thought ‘NO!! I’m not doing this again tomorrow’. I had been feeling rubbish for the last few days, pretty much had a headache all through Easter and had a bit more of a handful round my waist. So I was going to take back the control. I planned my meals for the next couple of days (which only took a few minutes) and already felt that sense of ‘I can do this’. That night I went to bed and knew that the next day I was going to be alright and guess what, I was.

Sunday was a slight wobble as it was my nephews 18th birthday and we went out for a meal. But I know Im back in control and feeling much better for it. My key turning point was planning and this always works for me. I hope it inspires you if you need it and makes a difference. Now where did I put that recipe book?

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