Riding The Wave

As I am writing this I am surrounded by reference books relating to various nutritional studies and findings. I have several web pages open at different papers about the effects of nutrition on various ailments in the body. I can feel my brain drying up and I’m getting a ‘fuzzy head’. I am within touching distance of finishing my 3 year Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and I can almost feel the elation I will have as I am driving back to my precious family after my final college weekend in Bristol. But, saying all that, I still have 1000’s of words to write, an exam to study for, a business to run, a new one starting, a family to nurture, oh and of course my own health to think about. Sometimes it just gets on top of me.

As well as my own challenges, I have witnessed some people I love dearly have epic struggles. Life just seems to be throwing all its got at them. I find this so hard to see, as I am a ‘fixer’ and I want to make it all better, but sometimes I can’t. After having a long chat with one of my friends we started to use the analogy ‘ride the wave’. This made total sense to me. You can either struggle with all your mite against the flow of the sea. Or, you can roll with it, get on your board and ‘Ride That Wave’! Admittedly you might face plant a few times but, if you keep trying, you will get there in the end.

This is so true for life. It ebbs and flows. It can have awesome highs and horrendous lows. But one thing we can be sure of, the wave will pass.

I know this isn’t really a fitness or nutrition post but I feel it’s a good thing to be reminded of. I was thinking of something to write about and this seemed so relevant to me at the moment so I thought I would share it with you.

I for one am going to make sure I am riding the wave always. If I fall down I will get back up, flowing along with the current and adjusting as it changes. Which direction will it take you?

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