The Domino Effect

Since finishing my course back in June it was like I went on a food frenzy.  A teenage like rebel who ate what she wanted and didn’t care.  Almost in a state of destruction.  Along with a huge wave of relief that the last 3-4 years of hard graft had come to an end was a sense of burn out.  Suddenly I wasn’t going at 100 miles an hour.  I was going at a more acceptable rate of 60 miles an hour, which is pretty good for me!!

So, I started to eat things I knew weren’t too great for my body and soul.  Chocolate and cake are definitely my weakness and I didn’t hold back.  I think, in part, it was a feeling of not wanting to live by rules anymore.  But being a mother, partner and business woman I still needed to have some form of discipline so food was my weakness.  It was quite self-destructive behaviour of which I would be fascinated to find out more about one day.  It started off as ‘just the 1 day’ which turned into a week, then 2 weeks and so on.  It ended up being around 6 weeks of gluttony.  I might add, it wasn’t all bad but I definitely was shoving in the cake whenever it seemed appropriate, and also when it wasn’t.

As the weeks went on I found that my general attitude to everything was a bit less determined and my get up and go had get up and gone.  What I call the ‘Domino Effect’ had hit me.  I find it happens.  First one thing which could be food, then another thing follows such as a drop in exercise, then I can’t be bothered to make an effort with my appearance as much and so it goes on until I am in a negative frame of mind and life seems that little bit harder.

Over the years and through my own personal health and life journey I have learnt a lot about this cycle and I recognise it.  I allow myself time to live it a little but know when to get myself back on the proverbial wagon.  This doesn’t make it easy but I definitely make it happen.

So how do I do it? Well, the first thing I do is set new goals.  New things to aim for.  I visualise what I want and I go for it.  The next step is to work out how I am going to get there.  It could be a new eating plan, a different exercise style or a look at getting some new clothes.  I also focus on how I want to feel and that normally comes to my diet.  What I am eating has such an effect on my mindset and how I feel about myself.  I know how awesome it feels for my mind, body and soul when I eat healthy nourishing food.  So this is normally my first thing to focus on.  It means I will have energy to exercise, I will take more pride in myself and add a spring to my step. As I now understand this connection to food and health I would suggest everyone start with what they eat before exercise or anything else.

So if you find yourself in the ‘Domino Effect’.  Stop!! Take control and make some goals to give you focus.  Bring your balance back.  Nourish yourself!!

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